Constituents usually come to Dominic as the first point of call, but your local Councillor may also be able to help with many issues.

MPs do not have any jurisdiction over local Council decisions. However, Dominic can write to a local Council and ask them to look into a problem or to...

Are you worried about fly-tipping, broken pavements, missing signs, poor lighting, dog mess, or any similar problem that makes life unpleasant or unsafe? Would you like to know that your complaints are recorded, and to see at a tap of a computer key if other people have have complained as...

Dominic Grieve: Britain is stronger in Europe


Friday, 27 May, 2016
Dominic Grieve will be speaking in favour of the United Kingdom remaining...


Since my election as an MP in 1997 I have been available to constituents in need of help or advice and hold regular surgeries in the constituency. Please click on Contact for more information and to request a surgery appointment.

After the General Election of May 2010, I was appointed Attorney General in the Coalition Government on June 9th 2010, I was made a Privy Councillor, serving until 15th July 2014. I currently serve as the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament.


You can read my recent speeches here.


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