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When should you contact Dominic Grieve?

Dominic Grieve as Member of Parliament

In his capacity as Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield, Dominic Grieve can only take up issues raised by his constituents. You can check whether Dominic Grieve is your Member of Parliament on the homepage.

If you are contacting Dominic Grieve about planning or immigration matters, please remember to include any relevant reference numbers. For schooling matters please provide your child's name and date of birth. For health matters, please include the patient's NHS number and for employment and benefit matters, your national insurance number.

MPs do not have any jurisdiction over local Council decisions. However, Dominic Grieve can write to a local Council and ask them to look into a problem or to reconsider an issue. In the first instance, you should contact your local Council or Councillor.

Please note that Dominic Grieve cannot provide legal advice to constituents.